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March Math Madness

During the month of March, the whole school participated in the March Math Madness competition. On day 1 of the competition, all students took a timed addition test. Students with the highest scores continued in the competition. In grades 1 and 2 we have a “Sweet 17” Dylan Williams, Alicianna Bersani, Kayden Bowers, Brady Brown, Dylan Gray, Rayshan Wintermute, Caleb Douglass, Collin Hayes, Abigail Leibowitz, Jenny Schmidtmann, Joshua Walrath, Magdalene Young, Lela Eisele, Jasmine Grieme, Linus Hand, Dominic LeMoine, and Matthew Smith.

In grades 3 and 4 we have a “Sweet 21” because they all had 100%. Liam Dixon, Chase Eakin, Aristotle Hand, Aaliyah Rachon, Richard Rumrill, Peyton Spicci, Justin Vickery, Hannah Walrath, Devin Birch, Kayla Handy, Myles Hayes, Rebecca Johnson, Madeline Sammons-Wilbur, Logan VanValkenburgh, Rachel Young, Aryana Bumbolo, Kendall Christman, Mia Herb, Devin Schell, Andrea Thayer, and Ryker Williams.

In Grades 5 and 6 we had a “Sweet 20” because they all had 100%, Brooke Arduini, Kayden Moyer, Nehvada Mead, Paige Morrone, Jeffrey Lillard, Kenneth Calabrese, Jason Gilchrist, Sydney Hazzard, Brooke Johnson, Leonard Miller, EmmaJo Schmidtmann, Justin Stultz, Brandon Zezima, Will Brundage, Collin Eakin, Travis Engle, Kendall Przestrzelski, Baler Stowell, Elizabeth Wilmot, and Zachary Young.

The competition continued for a week and we filled our brackets.

Mrs. Parry is happy to announce the winners of the 2019 March Math Madness. In grade 2 Caleb Douglass is our winner. In Grade 4 we had a tie, Andrea Thayer and Ryker Williams are the winners. In grade 6 Baler Stowell is the winner. Congratulations to our Math Fact Masters.

Click HERE to see more pictures and the brackets.

All County Music Festival

This March, 5th and 6th grade chorus students went to Montgomery All County. They performed beautifully. The songs they sang were Four White Horses, Shine Your Light, Siyahamba, and Hine Ma Tov.

The 5th graders who performed were: Kaylee Heroth, Alexis Warn, Mackenzie Brown, Connor Perry, Anya Cheyne, Raelyn Hershberger, and Devin Liebowitz.

The 6th graders were: Sara Brownell, Celine Blakeslee, Harold Lasher, Lily Johnson, Maddison Simonds, and Elizabeth Wilmot. All of the students practiced very hard to sing all the songs, and did an amazing job!

Science Fair

The science fair was a great success! There were projects, experiments, displays, and more. It was fantastic!!!

Click HERE to see more pictures.

The Harlem Rockets Visit OESJ Elementary

On March 27th a famous basketball team was here at our school. They were big, talented and awesome. They had tricks up their sleeves, they could not be trusted. James Willam #4 started a tricky game. You had to keep your eyes on the ball every second because if you dropped the ball we would yell “YOU ARE OUT”. James’ other favorite thing to yell is “HOLD IT, HOLD IT”. They made some insane half court shots and they dunked. We all had an amazing time with the Harlem Rockets. -Jade Bonneau~

Click HERE for more pictures and videos.

Spaghetti Dinner was a Great Success!

The OESJ 6th graders hosted a spaghetti dinner on the night of March 18th. We are thankful to those who bought dinners or participated. We raised $3,276.00 for our Natures Classroom trip in June.

Thanks for your support!!

Odyssey of the Mind

OESJ Elementary had three teams compete in the Regional Odyssey of the Mind competition on March 9, 2018. Teams combined their skills, creativity & out of the box thinking. They made the props, and costumes with no outside assistance. It was quite a commitment for these children & coaches. Teams had to perform an 8 minute skit of their long-term problem, which was judged on style, creativity & originality. They also had to respond to a spontaneous problem

The team members that completed problem 3, Division 11 “The Classics: Leonardo’s Workshop” included Madeline Sammons- Wilbur, Rachel Young, Andrea Thayer, Jackson Polidori & Olivia Wilmot coached by Joanne Young & Lorri Sammons- Wilbur. Great job team!

The team members that completed Problem 3, Division 1 “The classics: Leonardo’s Workshop” included Donald Cavanaugh, Kellan Herringshaw, Kaleb Smith, Logan Van Valkenburgh & Audrina Polidori. This team was coached by Lorraine VanAlystyne & Kayla Van Valkenburgh. The team took 1st place at the Regional Competition and continued on to the State Competition on March 23rd on Binghamton.

The third team that completed representing OESJ Elementary completed Problem 2, Division 1 “Hide in Plain Site.” The team included Myles Hayes, Henry Schoff, Ava Murray, Devon Schell, Kayleigh Arujo & Kaylee Heroth and was coached by Nicole Murray, Abbey Schoff & Lisa Hayes. This team placed 2nd & 1st Via Lottery at the Regional Competition and took 3rd place at the State Competition in Binghamton.

Congratulations to all three teams that competed this year!

Click HERE to see more pictures of their performance.

Capital Region Spelling Bee

The 2019 Capital Region Spelling Bee was held Tuesday, March 5th at Proctors in Schenectady. Our OESJ School District representative was Paige Morrone in 6th grade. She did an amazing job and she spelled extremely difficult words correctly. We are all super proud of her. Congratulations Paige!!

Awesome projects

Mrs. Cuddy's Class!

Cool projects

Mrs. Blanc's Class!

Amazing shirts

Mrs. Hazzard's Class!

100th Day of School

We just celebrated the 100th day of school on February 15. This not only marks 100 days of school. It marks 100 more days of everyone's friendship. It was amazingly cool to see the shirts and projects that were made by students. We always enjoy the 100th Day banner created by the primary students and Miss McNulty. Students really had a great time with all the fun day 100th Day activities at school. Now we have less than 80 days until summer, but who is counting:) Click HERE to see more pictures.~Sydney H, Alyssa A~


Great job Baler!

Good job OESJ!

Jump Rope for HEART

The Jump Rope For HEART competition was a great success! I was very surprised on how many people made it in the Jump Rope for Heart contest. Many students competed in the competitions but only one student could win per grade level in the jump rope for heart competition. All of the grade levels did an amazing job. The Pre-K played skip the chicken. I was also impressed to see Baler Stowell win again this year. He is the 3 time champion for Jump Rope for Heart. The winner for Hoops for Heart was his brother Case Stowell. I am amazed that OESJ School raised $4,908.60. Everything was inspiring to see and here are some awesome pictures from jump rope for heart and Knock out.Click HERE for more pictures. ~Zackary Pabis and Ethan Furman~

Be sweet to your heart


Mrs. Smiths 2nd grade class "smiling for V-day"

Valentines Day

February 14 was Valentine's day. Every grade had a blast! We all had parties and gifts for teachers and friends. At some of the parties, we listened to music and had food and goodies. In some classes, they watched movies and ate sundaes and sweets. This Valentine’s day was one of the greatest ones. Everyone was so kind to all of their classmates and wished everyone a Happy Valentines Day. Click HERE for more pictures. ~By, Elizabeth Wilmot, Amber Hart, and Abby Stewart~

OESJ Spelling Bee

Thirty students participated in the OESJ Spelling Bee Competition on January 4, 2019. The words they were spelling were challenging and everyone was surprised by the hard words these students were spelling correctly. The last 4 students were Annette Johnson, Paige Morrone, Ruby Hand, Jaslynn Leach. It came down to two people Paige Morrone and Annette Johnson at the end. Paige and Annette did a great job, they are two talented people. They both lasted a long time. After 17 long rounds the school spelling bee winner was Annette Johnson. Congratulations Annette.

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