Future Entrepreneurs

Student testimonials:

"It was one of the most beautiful subjects I have ever studied. It was very fun and interesting. I have developed a lot of skills, including my creative thinking. I knew more about the companies and how they were created and developed."

"To see the world of entrepreneurs in a different and realistic way, which gave me lots of new knowledge, experience, challenges."

"All of things I became more confident and I can work under pressure I learn how to make my own business and how I be successful in my life or my future job I’m so proud of your program ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

"The thing I like about this course that l enjoy learning , l feel excited about it."

"Thank you very much for every one who is working to create a real ‏ change in our world through this project."

Teachers comments:

"I see my students encouraged more than before. We are so proud of our students."

“Our General supervisor and the United Director are visiting the students to hear what they have acquired and developed since they have joined the program.”

“I am happy coz I found this program that will give me a chance to teach students how they will open their business and i will transfer my experience to students.”

“Thank you very much introducing us something new which our society is need of it. Really great efforts.”

“I am proud to be with you and have taken this opportunity.”

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