Section 504 Program

What Goes Into a 504 Plan

504 plans often include accommodations. These can include changes to the environment, changes to instruction, or changes to how curriculum is presented. Accommodations don’t change what kids learn, just how they learn it. The goal is to remove barriers and give kids access to learning.

Accommodations address specific challenges. A child with ADHD who’s easily distracted might get seating at the front of the class. A child with dyslexia might be allowed to use text-to-speech technology. And a student with slow processing speed might get extended time on tests.

Some students may be able to get related services under a 504 plan. These could include occupational therapy or a study skills class that focuses on organization. Some students might also get supports for social and emotional issues or for behavior challenges through a 504 plan.

While it’s rare, 504 plans can provide modifications. Unlike accommodations, modifications do change what a student is taught or is expected to learn. Students might get fewer homework assignments, for instance. Or they may be graded in a different way than their classmates.

For more information regarding 504 services please contact:

Esmeralda R. Martinez

District 504 Coordinator

361-368-3881 x 239