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Theatre and Speech & Debate

Welcome to Odessa High Schools Theatre and Speech & Debate website. Posted here will be information regarding our season at OHS. Can't wait to create art with you all!

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- Check out the "Theatre" page for information on our 2021-2022 season

Interested in lettering in Theatre/ Speech and Debate??

Mr. Bush: Drama Director/ Speech and Debate Coach.

Mr. Bush joined the OHS family in 2016. He graduated from Liberty North High School in 2012 then headed to the University of Central Missouri. He graduated with a bachelor of Science in Education for Speech Communication and Theatre in 2016. Mr. Bush started performing in elementary school and has had a hand on every production aspect from being on stage, to backstage crew, to designing. He is very excited to work with students to let their talents shine!

Department of Fine and Performing Arts Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the world more colorful, beautiful, emotional, and human. to do that, we must produce with emotion, passion, energy, and heart. We must always try , because "I can't" is unacceptable. We must believe in the process of creating and be unafraid to take risks in any and every stage of that process. We must be willing to own our successes and our failures in equal measure, because we can learn through failure, reevaluation, and another attempt as well or better than through a successful first attempt. We must strive to be better today than we were yesterday, because mastery of craft comes through dedicated practice.