Don't Forget Boxtops

January 15, 2019January 15, 2019 We wanted to let you know that for the most part, we are seeing tremendous progress in those students who are "Working Hard" and "Getting Smart." They are branching out, reading, exploring, and learning so many new things on their own. Also, be thinking of "100" items your child could bring in to share with the class on Monday, February 4th. Please do NOT send in items before "100" day and do NOT separate the items in groups of ten. Be creative… it could be something edible (marshmallows, Cheerios, pretzels, etc.) …it could be something collectible (pennies, marbles, rocks, etc.)…it could be something “doable” (fingerprints, puzzles, Wiki Stix, Play Dough, etc.) We will NOT be dressing up as the elderly for this day, however, it is always a very fun day for the children! Our next major accomplishment will be the study of Great Americans. The children are becoming increasingly aware of our heritage and our freedoms. This is amazing to watch. We will send home your child's "Great American" assignment on Friday, January 25th. Each portion has a specific due date listed on the assignment sheet. Hopefully, all your questions will be answered as we move through this project together! Thank you for assisting us and partnering with us in this endeavor. Great American presentations will be February 19 - 22. The research for the Great American reports will be primarily done at home and returned to school. The children will transfer all of their gathered facts onto cards and a self-designed poster. When filling out the fact sheet, please make sure that their information is written in very simple sentences. When the cards and poster are complete, we will send only the cards home with them to practice their speaking skills (slowly and with good enunciation) in front of their family. As you well know, presenting in front of an audience is a life skill. Also, FYI, your child will need to bring their own “decorated” valentine box on Thursday, February 14th. It should be large enough to hold all of the cards and treats they receive from their friends on that day. A box with a removable lid, such as a shoe box, would work the best. WOW!!!! That is a lot to process . . . and we thank you!
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