Mr. Maskiewicz

About Me

Mr. Maskiewicz is passionate. He is passionate about his faith, passionate about his work, and passionate about people. He has two degrees: a BA in Mathematics and a BA in Philosophy & Theology. This interdisciplinary connection is something he brings into the classroom by teaching students how to pursue an in-depth study of the modern sciences while maintaining a strong and foundational commitment to faith. Mr. Maskiewicz is passionate about having students ask the question: What is truth? and how do we know its true? He considers this question foundational to both faith and the sciences and that the ability to continually ask it allows students to walk with wisdom through this information age.

In his spare time, Mr. Maskiewicz is a creator. He deeply enjoys fixing broken things and/or repurposing them to invent new things. This mechanical creating is paralleled in his enjoyment of music. He plays several instruments and uses this ability to express his love for God and those around him. Creativity takes him outdoors where the Creator displays the most intricate and inventive creation. He enjoys hiking, biking, diving and nearly anything that will taking him outside.

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