We had a great afternoon planting garlic in the Echo street garden with Mr. Vigliotti's class! We can't wait to see the results!


Elder Barbara Dumont-Hill is talking to us about "living our lives in a good way" while teaching us about health care in Indigenous communities.

Assisting with fall mass

Preparing to help out with this year's annual Thanksgiving Mass!

Leave the phone alone

Students working with Constables from the Ottawa Police Service to raise awareness for distracted driving during the Leave The Phone Alone Campaign.

Checking out the police's hot wheels!

Standing proud on Main street with signs to represent the campaign.

Students interacting with Ottawa Police Constables.

Stopping and chatting with drivers entering the school parking lot to raise awareness for the cause!

All done! Hopefully we made a difference in our community.

Trip to paramedic hq

Students standing front of the Paramedic Bobcat that is used by paramedics during special events such as Winterlude and Canada Day.

Hanging out in the back of the ambulance.

PCP Erin Cannon talking to the class about the TRU (Treatment and Rehab Unit) bus.

Students sitting at the back of the TRU bus where paramedics help treat minor patients during special events such as concerts and Canada Day.

Craft lunch

Working with special needs adults who were on a field trip to our class.

Students are helping to create Impact Cards that can be sold to help their Ottawa-Carleton Life Skills foundation.

Such a great experience for students to learn about health care/caring jobs in our community.

Halloween ELL SOCIAL

Time for the next social!

Explaining the first game today.


Getting ready for the scavenger hunt around school.