Unit #4-09

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • build an OR circuit and understand its truth table


  • go over AND circuit


  • go over "OR Circuit"


  • nil

Daily Assignment

  • circuit - "OR gate with Transistor"
    • draw the diagram in Fritzing
      • ensure you give the file a proper name (like the title of the circuit above)
      • ensure you include 4 notes, on both the schematic and the breadboard views:
        1. the "Truth Table"
        2. the course code, your name and the title
        3. the Input(s)
        4. the Output(s)
      • ensure the wires in the schematic view are properly laid out
      • save the *.fzz file not only to your computer but also to your Google Drive
      • export the breadboard and schematic view and upload them to your notebook
  • build the circuit on your breadboard
    • once working, call me over to check
    • take a picture of your completed breadboard and upload it to your notebook
  • Note: you should be uploading 3 things to your notebook:
    1. breadboard drawing
    2. schematic drawing
    3. picture of completed real world breadboard


    • if you finish early, move to next circuit

Watch video from:

  • 6:07 to 7:40

Note: He is using a push button and we use a 2 way switch. When the button is not pressed, the circuit is completely broken. This NEVER happens inside a computer. When it is a logical "0", the input is attached to ground "-", not just not connected.