Unit #4-04

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • understand what resister do and how to determine how much resistance one has


  • go over (quickly hopefully) Transistors again (because it is REALLY important!)


  • go over the following sections on Resistors
    • What do resistors do?
    • Fixed value resistors
    • Colour code
  • watch video below
  • go over example Resistors calculation
  • go over Breadboards (see below)


  • sign out your electronics box
    • fill in this form
    • once you have, then come get your box
    • NOTE: you are now responsible for the box and everything in it; if anything is lost or broken you will have to pay for it:
      • here are a few examples:
        • Micro:bit - $25
        • SparkFun Micro:bit Breakout - $5
        • Yw Robot Power Supply - $5
        • LED - $1
        • 7486 - $1
        • NPN transistors - $1

Daily Assignment

  • open the attached document and showing your work find the resistance of the resistors


    • if you finish early, work on programming