Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • load operating systems onto a computer


  • go over Unicode code:


  • nil


Daily Assignment

  • REMEMBER - if you fool around in the lab, not only will you lose marks I will remove you and you will fail this unit!
  • ensure your computer has 2 hard drives and that your operating system sees them both
  • re-load Windows 10
    • then load Ubuntu as a dual boot
    • ensure that Ubuntu is on the second hard drive
    • for the name of your computer (both Windows and Ubuntu) make it your name
      • ex. patrick_coxall
    • for the password, use:
      • "Engineering"
  • each day take a picture of what you did AND add 1 sentence explaining it and sent to your notebook


    • if you finish early, help someone else at your table