Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • understand how to use a Micro:bit and power supply with your breadboard


  • go over attaching Micro:bit and power supply to breadboard


  • we have a problem!
    • the Micro:bit does not provide enough current (A, amps, pressure) to run itself and all the circuits we will be placing on the board
    • so what happens is that the IC chips and LEDs stop reacting!!!!
  • solution is to power the board with the YwRobo power supply (so that it gets lots of current from the 9 V battery) and then plug the Micro:bit into the YwRobo power supply as well
    • since both the Micro:bit and the breadboard are getting power from the 1 power supply, everything will work
  • remember, if you circuits stop working, check to see if you have enough current from your power supply


  • nil

Daily Assignment

  • attach your Micro:bit and breadboard up to the YwRobo power supply
    • run your program from last time (A or B button giving 1 and 0) on your IC chip NOT gate
      • make sure it is working


  • next, you will need a way to count from 0000 to 1111 (or from 1000 to 0111, 2s compliment!) and at the same time change the pin outs on 4 pins on the Micro:bit
  • write a program that does this
    • start with just a 2-bit number
    • hint, you might want to start with a really, really long if ... elseif statement
    • once you have a 2-bit number working, try making it a 4-bit (nibble) number