Unit #2-07

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • write code not using a Block Language for the Micro:Bit


  • Block language and Java version
    • we are not using Java!



  • show "Hello, World!" example

Daily Assignment

  • make the first 4 programs you made, but in MicroPython
    • Hello, World! -> Unit #2-01
    • Adding 1 and 5 using buttons -> Unit #2-02
    • Convert 3 bit Binary number to decimal -> Unit #2-03
    • Dice roll game -> Unit #2-04
  • copy and paste your code into a Google Doc and upload that as a PDF for today
    • place 1 program on each page
    • use "Insert, Break, Page Break" to have separate pages


  • if you finish early:
    • make the program that can send messages from 1 Micro:Bit to another using Bluetooth