Unit #2-01

Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • start to understand the basics of programming


  • go over what is programming
    • just a set of instructions
  • how to save a program and giving it a proper name
    • really important, so you can go back to older code
  • using the simulator
    • reload
    • slow down code
    • full screen
    • sound


  • demo of "JavaScript Block Editor"
    • we will be using this during the hardware component
  • show different input methods
    • shake
    • Button A
    • Button B


  • nil

Daily Assignment

  • write the "Hello, World!" program
    • then add output for each of the buttons
      • A -> first name
      • B -> last name
      • shake -> an image


  • if you finish early, use Tynker to do input and output