Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • take apart, identify and re-assemble all the parts of a desktop computer


  • go over Key Computer Terms
    • should be done by now


  • how to take apart a computer
    • how to unscrew and disconnect things


      • nil

Daily Assignment

  • REMEMBER - if you fool around in the lab, not only will you lose marks I will remove you and you will fail this unit!
  • we must first get the lab organized (if not doing anything, always stay at your station!). Move you monitors underneath the tables
  • we will then confirm everyone has a functioning computer
  • start to disassemble the computers
    • as you take apart the computer, you must keep a log of each component you are taking apart and the order you are doing it in
    • you must, take a picture of what it looks like before you took it the piece off and a picture of the piece by itself
  • you MUST create a Pages (or Google) document. On each page (page break between each page) you place:
    1. the photo you took before
    2. the photo of the piece
    3. you name (correctly) the piece)
    4. explain where it came from and how you disconnected it
  • each day you export your document as PDF and sent to your notebook


    • if you finish early, work on Swift "Learn to Code 1"