Learning Outcome

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • connect to the course notebook, to post your daily work
  • connect to class Remind account
  • go over basic lab safety


  • review logging into board intranet
  • review Computer Use Policy, especially board intranet


  • go over Engineering Course Outline (see below)
  • go over Lab Safety (see below)
  • go over Showbie


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Daily Assignment

  • if you do not already have the Showbie app, go get it here
  • ensure that when you sign up for an account YOU USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL
  • join our course, MWLKY
    • goto and get your school photo
    • add it to your account, so I know it is you
  • for Intro-01, upload the 2 screen shots you took yesterday of the finished Google forms
    • remember, you MUST have an entry for EVERY SINGLE CLASS
  • under Intro-02, attach the course outline as proof you read it
  • goto and once again sign in with your school Google account
    • sign up to email reminders for this course: aa4ec9f
  • go over Computer Hardware Safety Rules (see below)
    • make a copy of it
    • add a picture to each section like I did for the first one
    • add it to your notebook
  • make a copy of the Safety Quiz (see below)
    • answer True or False
    • add it to your notebook


  • on the iPad, try out the Swift App (Learn to Code 1) or Hopscotch, if you can not get Swift
  • if your iPad is not working, you can use this link to


  • it is OK, it is for your parents not you!
  • get them to sign up for remind for this class:
    • class code: aa4ec9f