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Tech tips for new retirees

Your email address will expire two weeks after your retirement date, so you will need to create a new email account. You can use any provider you want, but if you want to stick with Google, you can set up a personal Gmail account.  You may also want to transfer your contacts from your email to your new personal Gmail account.

Support CEFO

Consider making a donation to the Catholic Education Foundation of Ottawa to alleviate the effects of poverty on our students. Together, we can ensure all students have the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed.


When you join our mailing list, you will hear about upcoming events, socials and ways to keep in touch with former colleagues both in person and virtually.  We continue to monitor the interest as COVID has halted all plans for group gatherings.  We will re-visit this in Jan. 2023.

Volunteer in an OCSB school

After 2 years of asking for virtual volunteers, our schools are once again asking for 'in school' volunteers. Connecting with the schools, after you have completed the necessary steps will allow you to help out in the areas of greatest need