Homework is an important link between learning in school and out of school. It can extend the work students do in class, provide opportunity to practice previously learned skills, or prepare students for the next day’s lesson.

The first part of your homework is reading! I ask that you read at least 15 minutes a day. Feel free to choose any books that interest you. Don’t be afraid to try different types of genres to see what you like. The more different types of books you try, the better you will know what books you like and what are right for YOU.

On top of that, each week you will get an assignment on something we are focusing on in class. It will be either Math or language and will be assigned Monday and due the following Monday. I am trying out the Paperless homework route so you will be able to access the assignments through the Hapara Workspace called Homework.

Here is how to get on:

1. Go to student portal.

2. Sign into student’s account if it asks you for that.

3. Find Hapara workspace.

4. Find Phi-1lan-14-1819 (am crew) or Phi-1lan-11-1819 (pm crew) and press it.

5. Click on homework. Each week will have a different colour. First week is teal. Check out the goals and resource, and the assignment will be in the evidence column for you child to complete. It will have all instructions in there.