Mme. Ramirez

French Immersion Class

La porte de notre classe.

Les élèves étudient Emily Carr et sa manière de représenter les forêts de la Colombie-Britannique.

Students learned about Emily Carr and how she represented the forests of British Columbia.

"Emily Carr was born in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1871. From an early age she had a deep love of nature, which can be seen in her landscape paintings. She represented the landscape from many different perspectives: some of her paintings show the great cedar trees from a point of view directly below their branches, while others show only the tips of the trees, with the sky above as her main focus". Vancouver Art Gallery

La porte de notre classe

Welcome to the grade 4/5 French Immersion Class at St. John Paul II. My name is Mme. Ramirez and I will be your child’s French teacher this year. I am confident it will be a fun and productive year. I will teach them French, Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education.

These two weeks we have spent time getting to know each other and becoming familiar with our classroom routines and expectations.

I’m looking forward to a great year! Be sure to follow us on this blog throughout the year to see what we are up to in and out of the classroom!

Mme. Ramirez