Musique 7e/Gr. 7 Music

Welcome to Music!! Your course outline is also posted in your music folder in google drive.


  • Chromebook or laptop with case
  • sharpened pencils or mechanical pencils, eraser, ruler, pens, paper
Grade 7 Music outline new 2018
Gr_ 7 Unit 1 (lessons 1-4).pdf

Here is a copy of Unit 1 theory. You can use this to review your notes or to print it off if you forget your booklet at school!

Gr_ 7 Unit 2 (lessons 5-8).pdf

Here is a copy of the second unit of theory (lessons 5-8).

Here are the fingering charts from your books for you to review your fingering at home!!

Clarinet fingering

Gr. 7s C, D, E

Trombone positions

Bb, C, D

Here is a copy of the rubric for your performance test. Please review the suggestions for improvement.

Performance Test - Gr.7/8