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Macker's Improv Team (MIT) took the stage for the Ottawa Regional Tournament of the Canadian Improv Games on Monday, March 9, 2020. The team represented Immaculata well, and performed with heart and humour. MIT began the night with a story event, where they combined the suggestions of a dinosaur and a carriage driver to create a hilarious scene about teamwork and understanding. MIT continued to demonstrate their comedic chops in Round Two with a Theme event, where the team performed a LaRonde inspired framework to explore the theme of Originality. The team delighted the audience in Round Three with a scene performed in the Style of Dungeons and Dragons. MIT closed the night with their highest scoring event, a Life event; where the suggestion of building a snowman led to a touching scene about building a relationship. Although just shy of a spot in the finals, MIT put on a great show, and definitely made a name for themselves. Congratulations to our inaugural team!

Colin Sweeney, Andy Boschy, Marissa Baker, Otis Lloyd-Zollinger, Emilie Hooft, Alec Kyte, Allison Cook

To learn more about the Canadian Improv Games, please check out their website, or talk to Ms Budgell (who has been involved with improv and the Games literally since before you were born.)