Champigny's Corner


Monthly Focus


Focus on reading/oral (fluency, decoding, expression); writing (predictions, vocabulary, comprehension, making connections, visualizing, etc...); media what entices readers to buy books ~ the art of Book Covers

5s: Novel Study mid month "Bridge to Terabithia"

6s: Book Clubs (varying books/groups)

MATH UNIT: Measurement

Estimate and measure time & temperature (5s only), length, mass, capacity, perimeter, area and volume for specified shapes. Students will solve problems using metric conversion.



Friday, March 2nd

Bubble Gum Day ~ LOONIE (Fundraiser $: Change for Change)

Tuesday, March 6th

6s: Math homework - finish scale booklet

Wednesday, March 7th

Book CLUB: Discussion (all roles must be complete)

Grad photo - no cap or gown

Thursday, March 8th

Retreat Day ~ Grade 6 confirmation students

Friday, March 9

Aloha Beach Day~ LOONIE (Fundraiser $: Change for Change)


Friday, March 23rd

Dapper Day, dress in your finest ~ LOONIE (Fundraiser $ )