Mr. Coventry's Classroom & Coaching

Homework and Assignments:

  • SS Core:

Project due Next Monday January 15th, 2018 (706+707)

  • SS Immersion:

Projet due Lundi le 15 Janvier 2018 (701)

Projet due Mercredi le 17 Janvier, 2018 (702)

Projet due Jeudi le 18 Janvier, 2018 (708)

  • Rel Core:

IN CLASS: Almighty God (Authority vs. Control)

  • Rel Immersion: (708)

IN CLASS: Dieu Puissant (Authorite vs. Controle)

Bienvenue! Welcome!

My Apologies to parents and students. I have been extremely sick twice this winter and have been unable to be in class as much as I like. I hope second semester will bring me better luck in the health department!

Important Dates:

    • Mac Wear day EVERY FRIDAY
    • Dress down day LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH

January/Janvier 2018

Happy New Year/ Bonne Annee 2018.

One more semester to go!


1. Listen And Follow Directions

2. Raise Your Hand Before Speaking Or Leaving Your Seat

3. Respect Your Classmates And Your Teacher

4. Keep Hands, Feet, And Objects To Yourself

5. Cell Phones AWAY until notified, “If I see them I take them”