Scholarships and Financial Aid

Listing of current scholarships can be found here

Applications are available in the filing cabinet outside of Mr Guthas' office.

How can I tell if a recognition program is legitimate?

As a parent you may get mail nominating your child for a recognition programs, such as inclusion in a directory of outstanding students. NASSP (National Association of Secondary School Principals) maintains a list of recommended programs at

HOPE/ZELL Miller Scholarship

HOPE basics

    • 3.0 academic only GPA and 4 "rigorous" courses earns a portion of tuition (currently 90%) at an in-state public school

    • 3.7 academic only GPA and 4 "rigorous: course plus a 1200 on the Critical Reading and Math or a 26 on the ACT earns the Zell Miller Scholarship (full tuition at an in-state public school).

Students can check their HOPE GPA on GAfutures, by logging into and sign in or creating an account. On the right hand side of the screen select the link that says "Your Hope GPA". As long as the student's last name, ssn, and DOB is included on their GAfutures profile, they will be able to view their HOPE GPA report after their 9th grade year (It takes about 3 weeks after the semester has ended for transcripts to be uploaded). If you print the student detail report, use this guide to interpret it.

All graduates must have 4 courses deemed by the state as "rigorous." These classes DO NOT have to be AP Courses, they can be any class on the rigorous course list.

Applying for HOPE or ZELL can be done in one of 2 ways

  1. by completing the GSFAPPS (one time completion) or

  2. FAFSA (completed each academic year).

Parent Resources about Financial Aid

Financial Aid 101 Presentation - learn about the types of financial aid, federal programs, HOPE, and the FAFSA process.

FAFSA4caster - will allow you to get an estimate of how much federal aid you will qualify for before filing the FAFSA

Federal Student Aid Guide

Filling Out the FAFSA -

Senior Year Financial Aid Calendar

20 Questions to ask aboutFinancial Aid - designed for students but has some excellent questions parents may want to ask Financial Aid Offices

The Cost of College - contains an overview of the different types of aid your student may be offered

Student Loan Ranger - a series of articles about finding and repaying student loans from US News and World Reports

What if your Financial Aid offer is not enough?

6 Signs you are thinking about college funding the wrong way

How to appeal a Financial Aid Letter

Got a 529 plan for your student? Tips for using 529 funds for first time parents

How to compare colleges based on cost

Once your student receives their financial aid award letters from schools, you can use the following worksheets to automatically calculate costs and compare apples to oranges. Pick the appropriate worksheet(s) depending on if the school is in state or out of state and if your student is receiving HOPE or Zell (look at above qualifications for requirements).

For out of state schools or if your student is not receiving HOPE

For in-state schools where your student will receive HOPE

For in-state schools where your student will receive Zell

Scholarship Websites - Remember, reputable scholarship organizations and searches will NEVER require a fee. All of these have access to the same free resources you do

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