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Summer break is a great time for students to read. Not only is summer reading a fun way to pass the time but it also leads to academic success by developing a solid core of knowledge. It expands the horizons of children as they learn more about people and cultures as well as improves vocabulary and spelling by exposing children to new words. Reading during the summer continues to strengthen reading skills developed during the year.

To access the parent letter regarding summer reading, clicking here.

Suggested reading for summer and throughout the year: OCS Reading List

OCES Summer Reading Bingo Challenge

We encourage parents to support the nationwide summer reading initiative and challenge their child to read every day throughout the summer. During the summer months, children should try to read at least 15 to 30 minutes each day working towards a goal of 8 chapter books. The above reading lists will help students identify books of interest. Students can use the Lexile "Find a Book" website to create a more lexile based customized list. To access the Lexile "Find a Book" website, select the link under the student drop down menu on the school website. For more detailed information about this challenge, click here.

Have a great summer and READ, READ, READ!!

Activities in the Library LC:

Students had a great time reading and writing poetry in celebration of National Poetry Month.


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