Mrs. Loftis Third Grade

March Reminders for Third Graders

There is no school on Thursday and Friday, March 4 & 5 and Friday, March 12.

Thank you for seeing that each student comes daily with a clean face mask. Students are so good at wearing their face masks. I am proud of them. Please remind everyone you see to wear masks.

Look in the photos for pictures of our class planting tulip bulbs, releasing our butterflies, fall walk to the Troll Stroll, Halloween fun, baking pumpkin pies,Christmas program, baking Christmas cookies, January 100th day fun, and Valentine fun! Copy any pictures you would like to save!

March blessings to you all and happy St. Patrick's Day!

Assignment reminders

Please be sure to learn spelling words for our test on Thursdays. Anyone who gets a 100 on Thursday does not have to take the test on Friday. Any words missed on Thursday must be written 3 times each and handed in on Friday before the test.

Library class is on Thursday. Library, art and computer will return to their classrooms in a week. Therefore, we will be able to select books in person and online that are delivered by Mrs. Peterson or Mrs. Bousquet. Third graders may check out 3 books at each library time. Please be sure to read these books and take AR tests on them. A minimum of 10 AR tests must be passed each month. (But more is better!) These AR tests are taken on the chrome books, and the AR program keeps track of tests passed. (60% or above is a pass)

Please Read at least 20 minutes each night at home. If books are completed at home be sure to take AR tests on them at school.

Please be sure your daily assignments are finished. Use work time wisely. If assignments are not finished the day assigned, take them home to finish, and return the next day.

Please bring a water bottle. We are encouraging nutritious snacks, but other snacks, except candy, are allowed. (fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, yogurt are great choices.)

Our class has lots of fun planned that we hope we can still do in this Covid Pandemic!