Language Arts

This year, your child will explore our district’s adopted curriculum, EMC “Mirrors and Windows”.

Each week your student will be completing:

  • A Writer’s Workshop piece
  • Vocabulary activity
  • Grammar lesson
  • Activity based on the week’s reading
  • A reading comprehension quiz at the end of the week
  • In addition, there will be one day dedicated to writing and/or practicing a literary skill, and possible time to complete the week's assignments

* There is plenty of class time designated to complete the assignments in a timely manner. However, if students do not use this time wisely they will need to complete their work at home or come in at lunch to work independently. Either Mrs. Egge's classroom or mine will open to students each day during lunch.

Reading Expectations

In addition, students will be required to read at least ONE of the school novels each quarter. Students will be able to select the novel of their choice and then take the AR quiz associated with it for part of their grade. In order to accomplish this students will have to read at home.

Accelerated Reading (AR)

We will also be using the Accelerated Reader (AR) program as a way for your student to practice fluency and reading comprehension skills, as well as to track his/her growth.

The goal is for each student to read 500,000 words by the end of the year.

Language Arts Weighted Grading Scale

Silent Reading 10 %

Classwork/Assignments 20 %

Writing Assignments 35 %

Quizzes/Assessments 35 %