In 2009, the Ocean Township High School officially started a Varsity ice hockey team. Though the school had little involvement in the team itself, the parent organization which ran, and still helps run it today, played a major role in the program's success. Spearheaded by Lori Lane, the mother of player Nick Lane, the organization took command in making decisions for the team such as uniform creation and distribution as well as working the admissions gate at all home games. The high school did not fund the team, so for many years it was a pay-to-play sport, partially alleviated by fundraising. This parent organization consisted of parents of the players of the team volunteering their time to support this varsity sport. Tireless hours were put in to create and sustain such an organization. The team entered in a cooperative relationship with the Shore Regional High School, so that the team consisted of players from both Ocean and Shore schools. Eventually, the Spartan Booster Club adopted the Ice Hockey team and fully funded it in 2014, which eliminated the pay-to-play requirement, and turned the majority of the responsibility of the team over to the Ocean Township High School Athletic Department headed by Athletic Director Rusty Todd. From then on, the parents' organization continues to raise funds and work the admissions table at games under parent club president Tom Reu, then John Stuppi, and now under current president Pat Convery.