Removing plastic from the ocean and fixing beaches everywhere


My name is Chris Allen. Some time ago I started a channel called T-Rex Travels and began removing plastic and garbage from the ocean and many beaches. I quickly discovered that this is becoming a serious problem that not only takes away from the natural beauty of our oceans and beaches, but also destroys life. My colleagues and I organize local cleaning parties, raise public awareness, and hope to fix this problem one beach at a time. We have been spending our own money trying to involve the communities, but we can be so much more effective with a little help. Please consider making a donation. Even a small amount can make a big difference.

Meet T-Rex and his garbage-gathering cronies

Litter is destroying Hawaii's beaches, but one dinosaur is on a mission to remove the garbage from these beaches one bite at a time. Join T-Rex and his team of garbage gathering cronies at the beach during any of the next beach cleanups; support the cause by making a donation; or help launch the documentary on Kickstarter.

Beaches needing our help

Join us at any of the next beach cleanups


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