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Student Vote Results

(September 21, 2021)

Although there are still some election results coming in, we know that we have another Liberal minority government. It means that Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister.

You, the students of Sir Guy voted the same as the adult population in this riding. Anita Vandenbeld, the Liberal candidate won here for the 3rd time.

Thank you to all the students who voted in yesterday's Student Vote election and for the staff who presented the video and took the time to assist with this important activity.

Hopefully, this was a bit of practice for when you can vote in a real election. Remember, your voice matters but make sure you are informed on at least one issue that means a lot to you.

Student Vote 2021 - Monday, September 20th


Student Vote Video by H. Walls - Show Monday morning using your projector It is approximately 15 minutes. Please make full screen so easier to see.

Student Vote Google Form - Students complete on Monday between 9:15-11:30 am - Post on your Google Classroom or send email to students.

In case you would like to watch some more videos and do a couple of activities, you can use the slideshow below. Everything is embedded in there. It can be for your class on Monday or even for your interest.

Student Vote Slideshow (no H. Walls audio) - Use only if doing additional activities either on Monday

Please let me know if you have any questions or corrections.

Thank you so much for your support!