Kindergarten in Rooms

133 and 147

A Little Extra Dramatic - Jan 20th

As you may have heard, we rearranged our classrooms right before the holiday break to have a fresh a space when we returned. This included clearing out our Dramatic Play areas and moving them to new spots in the classrooms. The new space, along with recent experiences of our students, inspired our new Dramatic Play creations and we spent much of the week focused on getting them all set up to play in!

This week, students brainstormed (and learned what brainstorming means!) all the things that remind them of winter. With Mrs. A, the students worked together to create a poem about snow, and with Mme Ruddick, they learned a new song titled "C'est L'Hiver" before beginning to write their own winter song. While their own winter songs are not quite done yet, "C'est L'Hiver" is a catchy tune that many will remember if you ask them to sing it for you (bonus if they remember the actions!)


  • This Thursday (24th) , we have special musical guest Yaki coming at 11:10am
  • PD Day Friday (25th) - no school

Back At It! - Jan. 13th

It was a busy week as we all adjusted back into our school/classroom routines. The rooms were buzzing with excitement as we chatted with each other and discussed what we did over the break. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful break, filled with many new memories! We didn't let the cold weather bring us down; on days where we couldn't go outside, we were lucky enough to get extra gym time!

As mentioned in the School Communicate message that went out, we did have a little bit of extra excitement on Friday afternoon. One of the fire pull stations was "accidentally" activated. In accordance with school and fire safety regulations, we did have to evacuate the building. Coats and blankets were immediately distributed and we were given the permission to enter the building just before the fire trucks arrived. Everyone was back inside the building within about 5 minutes.

Spreading Cheer - Dec. 16th

On Friday it was finally time to show off our stuff. After practices, practices, and more practices, we were glad to perform for all of you! A big thank-you to everyone for coming and cheering on our Kinders! It is a busy and hectic time of year, so it was lovely to see everyone cuddled up tight with their families.

We have also been busy this week on some top-secret crafting, that will make its way home to you next week. We hope you enjoy our artists efforts!

Our Term 1 School Learning Plan wrapped up this past week. You can expect assessments to come home with your child in January, so that you are up-to-date on their learning goals. Please always remember that we would like them to achieve these expectations by the end of Year 2 of Kindergarten.

This last week before the holidays will be an exciting one! Please note that our spirit PJ day will be this Thursday, and that we will be enjoying a special movie in the afternoon on the last day of school. Students who do not wish to view the movie will be invited to play at learning centres. Let the fun begin!

Below is a video of our concert that will be up temporarily. We hope you enjoy, especially if you were unable to attend!


Happy Helpers - Dec. 9th

We have felt so lucky to have some parent volunteers join our classroom to help with our Inquiry Groups. It is a busy 20 minutes, so having some extra help to guide the students' inquiries through read-alouds, scribing, and researching has been fantastic. We have delved deep into the topic of volcanoes, tornadoes, forest fires, paper, clothing, unicorns and more. Thank you to all those who have been able to make it in!

This week, we have learned about the traditions and celebrations of many children in both of our classes, through books, discussions and songs. Both classes have been busy preparing for our Holiday Showcase that will take place this Friday. We look forward to showing off our dance moves for all those who can attend!

A Little Bit of Spirit - Dec. 2nd

Our Spirit Day on Friday sure was a colourful one, and the Kinders lite up their hallway with yellow, like little rays of sunshine. Thank-you to parents and guardians for combing through their closets to find that one item of yellow!

We have a lot on the go currently, as our inquiry groups are now under way, along with the continuation of our School Learning Plan.

Both the Bees "Animals with Rainbows" group and the Owls "Living Things and Art" group took on the topic of unicorns this week. There were several fictional pieces read to cover questions from: "How do they fly?" to "How do they make rainbows?" The Owls also explored some butterflies, and are beginning to learn how we run!

The Owl's "How does it work" group explored the topics of how volcanoes explode, to how do you make paper. We have also just started to topic of gravity (if you can believe it), led by the question: "Why does the bath tub drain?"

The Bees "How to" group looked into how to ride a skateboard, how to ride a horse, and the how to's around tornadoes.

This week we look forward to welcoming some parents into our classrooms! We can't wait for you to join in the fun!

Got Our Groove On! - Nov. 25th

This week was filled with excitement as we had special guests come to our school to teach us a hip-hop routine. On Thursday, we joined the rest of the classes in the gym to showcase what we learned and to watch the routines of others. The Bees and the Owls made us so proud as they excitedly showed off their moves and respectfully watched the other grades dance- Bravo!

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to meet with us or chat with us over the phone during the interview period. It is always a great pleasure to meet/talk with you and have the time to discuss all the progress we are seeing in your children! Please continue to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, we are always happy to find a time to chat!

School Learning Plan- Nov. 18th

Our Kinder yard has been transformed into a winter wonderland this week, and we've already had the first "Snow Day" of the year! Unbelievable! We will be out there with our sled, our shovels, and our sense of wonder this week, so please refer to our communication about "dressing for the weather."

During our staff meeting this week we finalized our Kindergarten School Learning Plan and we have set a timeline for our teaching. From this week until December 17th we will be focusing on counting (which is a continuation of the learning we are currently doing) and will look differently for each student based on what counting principles they have demonstrated. At the end of our first cycle of the School Learning Plan (SLP) we will meet as a Kindergarten team and discuss our student learning: what gains have we seen, what instructional strategies were most helpful, our next steps, etc.

Please visit this helpful website, by clicking the image below, that describes and illustrates the counting principles, and offers a few suggestions for supporting your child in their learning.

Getting Ready for Remembrance Day - Nov. 11th

Leading up to our Remembrance Day ceremony, that will take place on Monday, November 12th, the Bees and Owls have been exploring the idea of peace. We discussed that we are lucky to have peace here in Ottawa, and that we can safely come to school, play at the park, and enjoy ourselves at home. We have been happily practicing the song "Peace in My Fingers" for our English contribution to our ceremony, which you can find in our links section. We must warn you is extremely catchy, and all of the staff have the song stuck in their heads! Our Kinders have also been practicing the national anthem in French to sing at our ceremony, and read the Peace Book by Todd Parr. Just a note that the school wide assembly is only for Grade 1-6 students, and that our Kindergarten ceremony is just for educators and students in the library (as the concepts are still very challenging for our little friends).

Dramatic play centres are making their transitions in both rooms again. The Bees were playing a lot of sneaking, hiding, and spying games, so we created a little maze for our animals to move through. The Owls have been playing teacher non-stop! (Always our favourite form of flattery!) So we are preparing to set-up a mini school for all of our mini educators.

We hope you enjoyed the initial observations sent home this week, and we look forward to sitting down with you soon at interviews!

Bus Business - Nov. 4th

Well it was a busy week with buses at Roch Carrier E.S. On Monday we attended a fantastic bus safety presentation with a large remote-controlled bus name Buster! We worked together to earn pieces to a puzzle, by playing games, watching videos, and learning the "School Bus Rules" song!

On Friday, we met some older students on the bus for a bus evacuation practice. This practice is for all students, as we will be attending a field trip via bus later in the year. The Bees and Owls did an excellent job of listening to the driver's instructions, and calmly and carefully exited the bus to our safe area.

English guided reading has begun this week for some of our friends (and next week for a few others), and those students will receive black and white take home books every two weeks. We kindly ask that you send back the books the next day, as they are being shared between both classes. Meanwhile, other students will participate in different small group instruction tailored to their individual learning goals.

Wishing everyone a happy November ahead!

Spooky Start - Oct. 28th

Fall inquiries began taking on a Halloween twist this week. From following recipes for potions, to finishing our pumpkin puppets for our "Cinq Petites Citrouilles" song, we had a blast with the themed activities! Our writing centre included Halloween-themed stickers to use for decoration, and our read-aloud inspired a class discussion about our favourite costumes ideas.

This week also wrapped up our first cycle of our "Centres Supers". Each French day, students are given one centre to work at for 10 minutes with their group, rotating through all five centres by the end of our two week cycle. The Super Centres change bi-weekly, but these past two weeks included Art, Math, Writing, Fine Motor and Cooperative Game centres.

We invite all interested students to wear a costume on Wednesday for Halloween! For safety reasons, please remember not to send masks or accessories that are weapons-based.

Focusing on the Frames - Oct. 21st

On-going observation and assessment is an important part of the Kindergarten program, and this past two weeks we have honed in on some expectations from the two frames of Belonging and Contributing and Self-regulation and Well-Being. For us educators, these are the most important frames, as they discuss how our students are as members of our community and how they use different skills to become an effective learner. These are skills that your child will continue to grow and work on throughout their academic career, so we are mindful that these skills are developed and enhanced over time. We will be sharing a copy of this first assessment soon, so that you know the areas that we will be focusing on for your individual child.

We are also now busy writing away, as we prepare our initial observations of your child. This is a very brief communication (as we have just begun our year) that comes home to you on November 8th.

Our dramatic play centres in both rooms have been getting an overhaul, with a pirate ship coming into the port in Room 147 and a beautiful pet castle showcased Room 133. With these new interests, we have been asking questions related to these topics, setting the stage for a year full of big and little inquiries.

Please note that this Thursday, October 25th is Photo Retake Day. If you wish to have your child's photo taken, please send us an email or a note in their Note Tote. Don't forget to smile!

Short but Sweet - Oct. 14th

Another busy week has come and gone! Students loved working on their 'Joyeuse Halloween' booklets (focusing on colours in French) and using our scented playdough to create leaves, apples and pumpkins. We had fun using rhythm and beat to create and extend patterns by clapping, stomping, and using other body movements.

After learning a new song, "Les cinq petites citrouilles", we began creating our own mini puppets to use next week while singing. Although it was tough to cut out the pumpkins we coloured, everyone persevered and can't wait to finish them next week. The students are all very excited to bring home their puppets to show their families once we are done using them in our classroom.

School photo proofs were sent home in note-totes at the end of last week and we would like to remind you that the due date for the orders to be returned is this Thursday, October 18th.

Outstanding October - Oct. 7th

We blinked and now it is already October! This shortened week sure made things fly by even faster. We hope all our little Owls and Bees enjoyed a special day off on Friday, as we focused on our day of Ministry Professional Development. All educators spent the day focusing on the "Fundamentals of Math" and then we as a Kindergarten team spent the afternoon focusing on three specific counting principles (e.g., stable order, one-to-one correspondence, and cardinality.) Our team appreciated having the time to do further learning together and to discuss with educators across the other grades as well.

As you know, we finished up our math diagnostic assessments this past week, and we will hopefully finish up our pre-reading and reading assessments this week to send home to you. If you have any questions, please let us know. We will also be busy documenting your child's interests and how they contribute to others and our classroom.

In our self-regulation and well-being programming, we have been working identifying emotions in others. Students broke into smaller groups and had to determine what emotion their educators were trying to convey. They were then asked to justify how they knew that the educator was expressing that emotion. "What do you notice about.... my eyes? My mouth? My arms?" We then had students display a range of emotions and printed these pictures to include on a mirror in our classroom. This will help us to identify our own and others emotions when we are feeling unsure. You can build on this at home by noting people's facial expressions and body language. For example, "I noticed that she is stepping away. Do you think she want some more personal space" or "I see that your arms are crossed. Are you feeling frustrated?"

Fun Run! - Sept. 30th

This week was filled with excitement as we collected Toonies for Terry and got to participate in the Terry Fox Run on Friday morning. Students were eager to learn more about Terry Fox and the importance of raising awareness and money for cancer research. Thank-you to all who were able to stop by and join us for our morning walk, as well as those who sent in a donation!

Students continued to explore our Bug Museum (Owls) and take on the role of Community Helpers (Bees) in our dramatic areas, using various materials to create props to further their play.

Throughout the week, students found, created and extended patterns using snap cubes, beads, blocks, and markers. A read-aloud about a broken necklace had our students eager to re-create the original pattern, and left many inspired to create their own necklace patterns using beads and string, or simply markers on paper! Discussing, extending and creating patterns has helped reinforce our learning of the colour names in French!

Sweet Meet and Greet - Sept. 23rd

Firstly, we hope everyone is safe and sound after this weekend's storm. We hope to be back on Tuesday, as all schools are closed tomorrow due to the ongoing outages across the city.

In regular news, excitement was in the air as the Owls and Bees danced around their classrooms, showing off the places they like to play to their families. What a change from our intake interviews our Year 1 students in just a few weeks. Thank-you to all who came by, even just to say hi, especially to our new educator Mme. Ruddick. This is only just the beginning of our journey, as students and educators learn to co-create our learning environment throughout the year.

On Friday, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the Bug Museum in Room 147 and the Community Helpers centre in Room 133. Students were anxious to get into their new dramatic play centres, and we will happily help them to add to their centres as play progresses throughout the week.

We will continue with our School Learning Plan focus this week, as we experiment with more challenges from the Week of Inspirational Math. This past week we explored the concepts that speed is not important in math (computation is a very small part of math), that using our fingers to represent numbers is very helpful, and that working with a partner or team can help us to solve problems as well.

We have just begun our English diagnostic reading and pre-reading skills assessments, and we will continue them this week. These assessments are simply to help us understand where students are currently, and what skills we will help them build on in the coming months. We will also begin a math diagnostic assessment, to help us in our math instruction. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know our Year 1 students a bit more closely, and to see our Year 2 students' growth over the summer months. We will share these with you as soon as they are completed, and we will revisit them in November.

A reminder that this Friday is our Terry Fox Run and is also our first spirit day of the year: Crazy Sock Day. Students are encouraged to bring in a toonie for Terry to help raise funds for cancer research.

Week One, Already Done-Sept. 16th

Our first full week has come and passed. We are happy to report that our friends are already settling into our classrooms so nicely. Our friends are revealing to us many talents and growing interests, and we are happily listening and documenting these to build on in the near future.

This week we discussed red thoughts (unhelpful) and green thoughts (helpful), which is terminology that you will hear throughout the year. Our Year 2 students are helping to model this for our Year 1 students, and are also getting a nice refresher in how to turn some of our unhelpful thoughts into helpful ones. For example, instead of thinking "I'm not good at drawing", we could think, "Maybe my teachers can help me to learn how to draw."

While we will continue our heavy focus on well-being programming, this week we will take part in the "Week of Inspirational Math." The Year 2 students enjoyed taking part in this last June, and we are excited to start the new week just released from Jo Boaler at Stanford University. For a sneak peek ahead, click the Youcubed icon below.

A reminder that this Thursday is "Meet the Staff" night, where you can drop in anytime from 5:00 - 6:20 p.m. We look forward to seeing you then!

First Days Flew By - Sept. 9th

Excitement and nerves filled the air as we started our new journey together. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of our new families at our intake interviews, and we hope we have made you feel welcome at Roch Carrier. Kindergarten here is a wonderful place to be, and our first few days have been a dream. The tears shed were short-lived, and our little ones happily explored their new learning environment. Our big Year 2 students are learning to proudly show the Year 1 students how the Owls and Bees operate, and it is lovely to see them in this new role.

The Kindergarten Program expectations have been loosely grouped into 4 frames, with several expectations crossing over several of the frames. Our current focus in September will be mainly on the "Belonging and Contributing" frame and the "Self-regulation and Well-being" frame. We want our students to really be a part of the classroom and co-create the learning with us, so we currently providing them with the tools for this. For the Year 2 students, there will be some time to transition back into our routines, and then we will jump in to finding out all of the learning and growing that they've done in the past two months.

Several forms will make their way to you on Monday, including the important "Media Permission" form, which will allow us to include your child in this website. In the meantime, please check out the links section to see some of the songs we have already introduced.

Welcome to the Owl and Bee Family

Summer is still in full swing, but us big owls and bees are starting to dream up many things for the upcoming school year. If you and your child are new to our classroom, we wish you the warmest of welcomes. We are thrilled to have you join our family and for the opportunity to get to new some amazing new little people. If you are a returning family, we cannot wait to see how your little one has grown over the summer. We miss them all dearly, and are so grateful to learn alongside them for another year!

A few notes about this website:

  • It will be updated weekly on Sundays, so you can view new announcements and photos on Mondays.
  • View the photos WITH your child. This documentation is just as much for them as it is for you. When students revisit their learning, and discuss it with you, they form deeper understandings.
  • Please do not be discouraged if you don't see you child directly in the action. This does not necessarily mean that they were not a part of the learning, or they may have been engaged in some creative learning of their own that did not get included. We aim to showcase a few items that interested both students and us each week.
  • We will add to our Links/Videos section throughout the year as items become relevant.
  • See something that catches your eye? Please do email away! We love knowing our website is be well-used!

We know this school year is going to 'Roch', so stay tuned for all the action!