Reach Out Initiative

Our Mission

Hey Lisgar!  Welcome to the Reach Out Initiative, a mental health resource page made by students for students.  Whether you are struggling with school-related stress, mental health issues, seeking help for a friend, or looking to gain awareness or get involved in this initiative, this site can help.  

Addressing the Issue

There is currently a serious Mental Health Crisis in all of Canada, which is being reflected in students and schools. This resource is aimed at Lisgar Students to help play a part in addressing this issue. 

This resource contains:

...of mental health problems have their onset during adolescence (BC Children's Hospital Research Institute) 

1 in 5 youth aged 5-17 years report poor mental health (Statistics Canada) 

Lisgar Feedback and Support

Direct Feedback from a Survey Sent out to the Lisgar Student Body: May 2023