Mrs. Hachey's Courses


My name is Jennifer Hachey and I've been teaching English, Drama (and a variety of other courses) with the OCDSB since 2004. Please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions or comments: .

How to use this site

Go to the page for your course to see a calendar (homework, reading due dates, assignment and test dates, etc.). You will also find the course outline and Road Maps to Learning: unit maps that outline the key outcomes, expectations, and evaluations for each unit.

Please note: course materials, assignments, etc. will be posted to Google Classroom, so students need to make sure they join using the code they receive in class.

Parents/guardians, you can ask your child to sign in to Google Classroom and show you what they are doing. You can also email me and ask me to invite you to receive summary emails.