Classe de Madame Smith


This site is designed to give you , the guardians, more information about what is happening in the 2A and 2B French Classroom.

You will find pages on here that will guide you when you are looking for information.

  • About Madame Smith: You will get to know me a little bit better. You will also find my contact information here.
  • La classe de Madame Smith: You will get to learn about some of the key things happening in our classroom.
  • Devoirs: Any homework given will be explained in this section.
  • Devoirs pour les adultes: This section is homework that YOU (the guardian) need to do.
  • Sites importants: You will find websites that can help in your child's learning.
  • Horaire et calendrier: You will find class schedules and calendars.
  • Class needs: This is a list of items we might need to do different activities.