CHC 2P/2D/2DF: WWII Diary/ Scrapbook/ Website Project

Canada in World War II

Very important information about using Google for this project.

If you Google "WW II" you will get about 108 million results. How many of those results do you think are specific to the Canadian war experience? (Hint: not many)

To do well on this project, you need CANADIAN information, so choose websites carefully.

Credible Research Sources

  • all the project topics are covered here
  • authoritative
  • in English and French
  • for information on Canadian spy activity use the search terms "Special Operations Executive," "Intelligence" & "Espionage"
  • Canadian info
  • cross-searchable articles (links within articles so you can easily get to related topics)
  • in English and French
  • authoritative
  • amazing images - photos, propaganda posters, artifacts...
  • authoritative
  • in English and French
  • all the project topics are covered here
  • authoritative
  • in English and French
  • ** many of the links are broken, but there is so much of value at this site that it is worth persevering with your search

*Try using site-specific search on this site.

"topic word" site:URL

EX: topic =Prisoners of war; site = Canadian Military History Gateway


Primary Sources: Letters, stories, diaries, video, audio

This site has great images and letters from Canadian soldiers

The Memory Project:

"Many Canadians, including soldiers at Dieppe in 1942, downed airmen over Europe, and infantrymen at Hill 187 in Korea were taken as prisoners of war during combat action. POWs’ lives had many different elements, some troublesome, others more lighthearted. This collection provides insight into POWs’ experiences during the Second World War and Korean War."

This site at Canada's Veterans Affairs contains many diaries and letters by Canadian soldiers in World War II.

Huge collection of photographs and memories from the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)

  • Excellent collection; unfortunately in the process of reconstruction
  • search the Second World War section at the CBC Archives War and Conflict collection
  • video clips, footage from the era
  • links to articles
  • selections in French and English
  • Faces of War: Collections Canada
  • online archive of photographs taken by Canada's military photographers in WWII
  • National Film Board
  • Documentary films about Canadians by Canadian filmmakers, funded by the Canadian Government
  • Enter "world war" in the search bar

Recommended sites for specific topics - if you come across amazing sites that we haven't included here, tell us!