WW1 Experience:

LIfe in the Trenches and at Home

The sources listed below are Canadian and are highly credible.

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  • authoritative
  • great photos and first-person accounts
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    • trenches
  • amazing images - photos, propaganda posters, artifacts...
  • authoritative
  • Canadian info
  • cross-searchable articles (links within articles so you can easily get to related topics)
  • amazing photos
  • articles about artillery, air warfare, etc
  • "Jack Turner would have been no older than many of today's high school graduates when he faced the blasted battlefields of France. His legacy of forbidden photographs reminds us of the impact that this experience would have on a farm boy from Prince Edward Island and of the horror of war." - from the website
  • authoritative: Library and Archives Canada (federal government site)
  • focus on Aboriginal/ Indigenous soldiers
  • many photographs and primary sources: choose Gallery
  • searching can be complicated, so use Google site search

Archives of primary sources documenting life at home in Canada during WW 1. INcludes topics such as

  • all the project topics are covered here
  • authoritative
  • in English and French
  • ** many of the links are broken, but there is so much of value at this site that it is worth persevering with your search

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  • propaganda