CHC 2D/2DF Summative:

Canadian Historical Inquiry

Check out the linked pages for explanations of how to approach each of the questions.

Recommended Online Sources

Everyone should find some information at one or both of these sites.

Make sure to search the Library and Archives Canada site. There are some amazing primary source here.

Additional Recommended Sources

  • select Members/ Belt of Orion from left column
  • find Members Profiles at centre screen

  • in left navigation, click on "Themes"
  • in left navigation, click on the field with which the woman is associated

If you choose to Google, then check for authority:

Who wrote this document?

Is there an About tab or button?

Are the writer's credentials relevant to the topic?

Is this some kid's homework assignment?

Who sponsored/ published this webpage?

Is there excessive advertising?

Does the site appear to be a content farm? (see here for definition)

Does the publisher have a stake in maintaining a reputation for quality, reliable information? (eg a government or university site)

Looking for primary source? You need to try Google Newspaper Search.