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This project is much more than writing a biography. We want to know what was special about your famous Canadian....

  • did they stand out in their era?
  • did they invent something?
  • did they symbolise or represent something in society at the time?
  • were they unique?

In order to assess what made them special, you need to know about the era itself.

Your research has two parts:

  1. get to know the era
  2. get to know the person

Steps for learning about your topic:

  1. look in the Canadian Encyclopedia
  2. look in a book about the era (time in history)
  3. look in a book about your person (if one exists)
  4. look in a book about the "genre" (eg. if your person is a scientist, look in a book about the history of science)
  5. look online at the resources included here at the bottom of the posting

Online Resources

The Canadian Encyclopedia

WAY Better than Wikipedia for this project

Dictionary of

Canadian Biography