Summative Instructions

This summative task asks you to bring together all that you have learned about the relationship between human and physical geography in a Canadian context.

What we do

To help you be successful, we provide you with:

  • an instruction package including rubrics
  • note-taking sheets to guide you through all the necessary requirements
  • guidance from your classroom teacher and the Teacher Librarian - who also happens to be a Geography teacher
  • library research time where there are a book display and online resources for this task
  • computer lab time for composition of the final product
  • web resources to provide technical assistance with Google docs/presentations/websites

What you need to do

To be successful, you must:

  • read the instructions and the rubrics and ask questions if you need to
  • complete your note-taking sheets fully so you have everything you need
  • stay focused and on task in the library
  • use book and online sources to get information
  • keep track of your sources and take jot notes in your own word. Read this about plagiarism at John McCrae.
  • use your computer lab time wisely - stay on task and focus on the information, not any technical frills or the latest on YouTube
  • choose a Google format that is familiar to you so you avoid technical disasters