CGC 1D Arrest that Pest!!

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Generating web search terms EAB

Day 1:

Ash Trees in Ottawa: making jot notes: suggested answers and tips

Q: What information will help me know whether I am looking at an ash tree?

Day 2:

Preparing for Research: brainstorming search terms

Research Websites

Government Websites: city, province, country

Why these sites?

Since Canadian citizens fund government activity with their tax dollars, government departments have a responsibility to provide good, reliable information that serves their citizen's needs.

Our Old Friend, Canadian Geographic.

Why this site?

You tell me!!

Non-profit organizations

Why these sites?

Non-profit organizations are usually organized to fulfill a social need that is not fully covered by government services. Non-profits are not concerned with making money, as a business would be, but with making positive improvements in society, the environment, and other important areas. Many non-profits have charitable status, which means that they must fit standards of ethical behaviour. While non-profit organizations definitely have an agenda, for the most part the information is reliable.

Check to see who the non-profit's partners are. Governments often will provide funding if the non-profits goals are judged worthy.