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Indigenous Issues Research: Special Consideration

Like any issue that involves groups with competing perspectives, discussions about Indigenous history and rights in Canada can become very heated with emotion. Since the topics you are researching are controversial, you must be very thoughtful about the sources you choose to use. Searching on the internet will produce many bigoted, inaccurate, and hateful websites, blogs, and commentaries. Try to avoid personal webpages and blogs; prefer websites that are affiliated with educational groups or NGOs. Give more weight to authentic Indigenous voices.

Note-taking: Start with a focus!

Choose questions about your topic

  • Who (is involved, is affected, is concerned)?
  • What (is the process, is the standard, are the materials)?
  • When (in the day, in the year, in history, in what sequence?)
  • Where (geographic boundaries, landmarks, regions, buildings)
  • Why (reasons, circumstances, goals, objectives)?
  • Why does it matter? ( different stakeholders, for now and for the future)

Record your sources on the right purple sheet!

The Canadian Encyclopedia – AMAZING source of information.

CBC News Indigenous Section

- this web page aggregates recent news stories relevant to indigenous people and issues.

  • multiple topics here, including Sixties Scoop, Land Claims, Treaties, UN Declaration
  • use the left side navigation to browse the site

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre

  • database of articles from multiple sources\Canadian focus
  • specific Aboriginal issues section
  • need password if using outside of school network
  • get password here.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

  • many, many links to good source of information
  • use Control-F to find article about intergenerational effects

Projects to support First Nations children's living conditions, medical care, and education

Project to engage aboriginal youth through sports and recreation

  • Documentaries and News Reports
  • special Indigenous Voices section

Go here for the password. You need to be signed in with your McCrae Google account.

Idle No More: Indigenous Movement to repair the Nation to Nation relationship and to protect the water and the land.