Health, Diseases, Disorders

Mental Health and Intellectual Disability

"Intellectual Disability"at Eugenics Archive

      • note: the "eugenics period" referred to in the article includes the 1930s.
      • citation information:
          • Carlson, Licia. "Intellectual Disability." The Eugenics Archives, Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada, 2015,

Quest for a Cure: Missouri State Mental Hospital

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Physical Health

Encyclopedia of The Thirties in America (John McCrae Virtual Library)

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Milestones for Health in America, 1930's

Accidents and Illnesses in the Great Depression

History of Diphtheria (and vaccine)

Segregation in United States Healthcare: From Reconstruction to Deluxe Jim Crow

Remember to research some of the illnesses that were common at the time - for example: diphtheria, tuberculosis ("consumption"), malnutrition...