Yearbook and Grad Photos

Grad photos: We proudly shoot and retouch the images used in the school's yearbook. 

This provides a valuable mentorship experience for students who want to pursue a career in photography.

Yearbook is a class at Earl of March where you can earn a credit and master a variety of skills from photography, interviewing, writing, design, leadership, and editing, using industry standard software like Adobe InDesign.

AWE4M (Grade 12) is in the fall and organizes and begins creating the yearbook.

AWE3M (Grade 11) is in the spring and finishes up the yearbook, plans its distribution, and begins to plan the next year's yearbook.


Ms Torres - 

Ms Torres teaches yearbook, computer science and math.  She is the best contact for Yearbooks 2020 and 2021

Ms D'Alessandro -

Ms D'Alessandro teaches art, including visual art, photography and yearbook.