**Please note: This page is constantly evolving based on new questions that arise! Email evelyn.desforges@ocdsb.ca if you have any questions you don't see addressed below.**

1. What happens if I don’t sign up?

If you don’t sign up, we will be hunting you down and/or filling up your schedule with sessions that still have space in them. On the day of, you will have the ability to try and get into other sessions, but there is no guarantee they will have space, so make sure to sign up ahead of time to get your first pick of sessions!

2. How do I sign up?

A Google Form will be shared on the EoM website, and through the Student Council Instagram early on Wednesday, March 6th. Session sign-ups are first come, first serve. Please make sure you are signed into YOUR student @ocdsb.ca account - other accounts will not work, and if you are using a friend's device, sign them out first or you will be registering them for your sessions. You must make your selections in the Google Form no later than Wednesday, March 20th.

3. What if I have a spare, co-op, or already know I'm participating in a session that does not show up on the Form?

Still fill out the Google Form (unless you are attending a full-day field trip). All questions on the form are required, but each block has options for "I have a spare", "I am in co-op" and "I am participating in a session not shown on the Form", so choose the appropriate one. We will be double checking the accuracy of this information, so please make sure to choose the correct block(s)! If you fill out the For incorrectly, you will likely get slotted into whichever sessions have room leftover.

If you have a spare and there is a session that period that you would like to participate in, please provide students who have class that period the first opportunity to sign up (we need to make sure we have enough spots for everyone who is supposed to be in a session). On the day of, you can show up to the session you are interested in and see if there is room available for you to participate.

4. Can I change my selections later?

Not on the Form. Choose your sessions carefully as you need to stick to your original selections. If something comes up (for example, you are told by the supervising teacher that you are expected to bring materials that you do not have), you can try to change sessions on the day of, but will need to let the teacher whose session you are leaving know after making sure there is room in the session you would like to switch into, as this information needs to be recorded for attendance purposes.

5. What if the Google Form doesn’t work on my device?

In our testing phase, iPhones seemed to have no problem filling out the form. If you have any trouble, try borrowing a device from a friend, going to the library at lunch, or filling out the form as soon as you get home. Remember that you need to be signed into your student google account!

6. What if I am absent on March 28th? Should I still sign up?

You are expected to sign up for sessions for every period you have a class. If you know that you will be away for part or all of the day due to an appointment or other pre-arranged reason, still sign up (but we suggest that you sign up for quiet work space sessions)! Being absent on March 28th is the same as being absent on any other day of the school year. Any absence is expected to be excused by a parent or guardian.

7. On March 28th, how will the day work?

The schedule for March 28th is exactly the same as it normally would be (and remember it’s a day 2, so the block order is B-A-D-C). You will go to your usual block B class at 8:40 for the anthem/attendance (your teacher will tell you ahead of time if they will be in a different location that day), then proceed to your block B session. After lunch, you will go to your usual block D class at 12:10 (again, your teacher will tell you if they will be in a different location that day), then proceed to your block D session.