3D Printing

Students are asked to create and sign-in to a Tinkercad Account in order to begin learning how to use the Design software for our Inksmith Cubicon Style 3D printers. Students younger than 13 require parental permission.

Once they have established their account and login information, students are encouraged to create with the design software on their own, or to follow the step by step instructions listed on the Presentation Slides below.

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TinketCAD is the free, web-based design software that lets you create your 3D shapes. Your designs are stored online, so you can work from any computer at school or home.



Once your design is done in TinkerCAD, you will need to export it as a 3D file (.stl) and load it into Launchpad3d.ca. Launchpad is the "slicer" that tells the 3D printer how to create your product.

Tutorial: https://www.inksmith.ca/blogs/tutorials/launchpad-3d-slicing-software-tutorial

Once you have designed your object to print, follow the steps below to "slice" your project and prepare it for the 3D printer. You will need to save the downloaded .hvs file onto a USB with an SD card reader (provided in the Design District).

3D Printing Set Up/Slicing