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Looking for some Summer reading inspiration?

Check out the nominees for the Forest of Reading Awards for Canadian literature.

English nominees by age group: https://accessola.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/00-Nominated-Covers-Flyer-English-2021.pdf

French nominees by age group: https://accessola.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/00-Nominated-Covers-Flyer-French-2021.pdf

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Books of the Week!

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September 2nd 2021


by Thao Lam

What's your name? Do you know how to write it? Do you know where is came from? Do you love it (or hate it?!)

Names are important is recognising our uniqueness and place - who we are!.

This is the autobiographical story (that's a true story about the author's real life) of Thao Hong Lam, and her experience in elementary school.

Her name is short, and shares the same letters as many other names, so why is it misspelled, mispronounced, and misunderstood by almost everyone? Thao is tired of it. Is the answer to make a big change?

Some things to talk about:

  • Learn about your name. Who chose it? What does it mean?

  • Why do you think every has their own name? Would it be easier to be called after where we live? or our birth order? maybe a number, or something that describes how we look? All those are ways people in the past have been named!

  • Do you know the first names of all your classmates? Are there any you are unsure about?

  • How could someone feel if their name was always pronounced incorrectly? Has this ever happened to you?

  • What can we do if we are unsure how to say someone's name correctly?

Listen to the real life Thao talk about why she wrote this book, and hear how to pronounce her name correctly in the video.

A safe library

We are working hard to make sure our library is a safe space during COVID. Students are currently not permitted in the library, and books are quarantined after single student use.

Please read on for more information.

  • Once books are returned to the library, they are quarantined (boxed up) for at least 3 days. Only AFTER that 3-day quarantine period are they shelved or put in children's hands.

  • Shelves are accessed only by the librarian.

  • Students are not currently permitted in the library

  • Physical distancing within the room: reduced number of chairs, directional movement guided by arrows

  • Mail carrier model for individual book requests via Google form (access via 'request a book' button below).