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Books of the Week!

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The Mitten

Listen to Jan Brett's winter story, The Mitten, read for you by Broadview EF3C students!

See if you can spot anything interesting about the illustrations in this story...

Read, make, and create in our virtual Library!

Summer Library

Can't travel this Summer? Take a look around the Virtual Library this month to do some world travel! Click on items in the library for links to things to do and explore.

JUNE '21 BPS bitmogi maker space

Spring Library

Click on the items for links to interesting activities. What's through the window.. on the bookshelf.. on the easel... at the computer...? And what's Kate reading about this month?

BPS bitmogi maker space

A safe library

We are working hard to make sure our library is a safe space during COVID. Students are currently not permitted in the library, and books are quarantined after single student use.

Please read on for more information.

  • Once books are returned to the library, they are quarantined (boxed up) for at least 3 days. Only AFTER that 3-day quarantine period are they shelved or put in children's hands.

  • Shelves are accessed only by the librarian.

  • Students are not currently permitted in the library

  • Physical distancing within the room: reduced number of chairs, directional movement guided by arrows

  • Mail carrier model for individual book requests via Google form (access via 'request a book' button below).