Erica Washington-Miyakuni


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Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL

  • PPO

  • HMO (Advocate Group/Magellan only)

  • Community Health

United Healthcare/Optum



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  • Aetna Better Health




Services Available

Mental Health Therapy (Individuals only)

Clinical Supervision - IL LPC

Meditation training

Holistic practices including Crystal work, Reiki, and vibration therapy

Continuing Education Classes

IL License no. - 180.013175

IN License no. - Pending


Erica is our contractor from Obsidian Institute of Integrative Medicine. They have a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Governors State University. Erica has worked in the field of mental health and trauma since 2013, began as a licensed therapist in 2016, and is currently obtaining her doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health Sciences. Erica specializes in sexual trauma, Mindfulness, and holistic practices including Reiki, Crystal work, Shadow work, somatic therapy, and vibration therapy. Erica is a Master Reiki Practitioner of Usui Reiki and identifies as a Black healer. Erica specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ , Poly/kink, and Wiccan/Spiritualist/Healer populations.

Erica helps to develop the programming for Obsidian Institute of Integrative Medicine, keeping it culturally relevant and trauma informed. Erica develops and presents the continuing education curriculum for mental health therapists in the state of Illinois.

Self-pay Clients only

Self Pay is available for clients who do not have mental health coverage through their insurance, would prefer to not utilize their insurance, or do not have access to insurance at all. Clients can make payments through the client portal and payment is collected on the date of service. Need reduced fees,


Therapy/SA Treatment: Initial Assessment and Intake - $200/hr

Therapy/SA Treatment: General Individual Session 60 minutes - $150/hr

Life Coaching - $200/hr

Group Therapy - $30/person per session

Court Appearances - $1500/appearance (Includes preparation, research, appearance in court and travel fees)

Professional speaking - $2500 plus 0.59 per mile, accommodations and food per diem (if applicable)