with Ransom Wilson, 2017

prospective students

Prospective students: please contact Alexa directly (see contact information) to book a lesson, and/or chat about the application-audition process and studying flute at Oberlin.

Prospective students who do not already know Alexa should also check out Alexa's personal website: http://www.AlexaStill.com

Alexa offers a free lesson to Prosbies (Oberlin's affectionate term for prospective students) visiting Oberlin on Mondays during the semester. This is an incentive program to get "Prosbies" to attend studio class where they can chat with current students, get a feel for the atmosphere within the studio AND observe some of the four major ensemble rehearsals also scheduled on Mondays ( the best way to understand the professional level of preparation and rehearsal etiquette that is the norm at Oberlin).

Prosbies should also contact the conservatory's Admissions Office for assistance in booking tours, creating a schedule including other class visits, and for general logistical advice. If you want to experience staying overnight in a student dorm room, admissions can organize that too.