Schedule Week of 12/9

Mon. 12/9 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:30 Rapunzel3:30-4:15 Little Red4:15-5:00 Cinderella
Mon. 12/9 Ms. Chiappardi (Chorus Room)2:30-3:30 Narrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch, Little Red, Jack, Jack's Mom, Cinderella, Stepmom, Florinda, Lucinda, Cinderella's Dad3:30-4:15 Narrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Jack, Jack's Mom, Cinderella, Stepmom, Florinda, Lucinda4:15-5:00 Mysterious Man and Jack
Tues. 12/10 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-4:00 Company4:00-5:00 Baker and Baker's Wife
Tues. 12/10 Ms. Chiappardi (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch3:15-5 Red Riding Hood, Wolf, and Wolf #2
Wed. 12/11 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Witch3:15-4:00 Stepmom and Stepsisters4:00-5:00 Jack
Wed. 12/11 Ms. Chiappardi (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Jack, Baker, Baker's Wife, Mysterious Man3:15-5 Baker and Baker's Wife
Thurs. 12/12 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-4:00 Company4:00-5:00 Cinderella's Prince and Rapunzel's Prince
Thurs. 12/12 Ms. Chiappardi (Chorus Room)2:30-4:00 Rapunzel, Witch, Rapunzel's Prince4:00-5:15 Baker, Little Red, Narrator, Wolf, Granny
Fri. 12/13 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Wolf3:15-4:00 Cinderella4:00-5:00 Rapunzel
Fri. 12/13 Ms. Chiappardi (Time to be determined)Running ALL PAGES 1-43... Every character on pages 1-43!

Schedule Week of 12/2

Mon. 12/2 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)3:00-3:45 Stepmom, Lucinda and Florinda3:45-4:15 Jack4:15-5:00 Baker
Mon. 12/2 Ms. ChiappardiNO REHEARSAL
Tues. 12/3 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Witch3:15-4:00 Baker's Wife4:00-5:00 Jack's Mom
Tues. 12/3 Ms. ChiappardiNO REHEARSAL
Wed. 12/4 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Cinderella3:15-4:00 Rapunzel4:00-5:00 Wolf
Wed. 12/4 Ms. Chiappardi (Prologue)NO REHEARSAL
Thurs. 12/5 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Little Red3:15-4:00 Cinderella's Mom4:00-5:00 Cinderella's Dad
Thurs. 12/5 Ms. Chiappardi2:30-5:15 Baker, Baker's Wife, Jack, Jack's mom, Stepmom, Florinda and Lucinda, Narrator3:15-5:15 ADD Little Red and Witch
Fri. 12/6 Mr. Winther (Chorus Room)2:30-3:15 Mysterious Man3:15-4:00 Steward4:00-5:00 Both Princes
Fri. 12/6 Ms. Chiappardi2:45-5:00 Narrator, Baker, Baker's Wife, Witch, Little Red, Jack, Jack's Mom, Cinderella, Stepmom, Florinda, Lucinda