Panther Press 11/17/17

Dismissal Car Tag

Student safety is paramount and it is essential for protocols to be followed to ensure that students safety continues. The 2017-2018 car line car tag is required to be present at the time of pick up in order for a student to be placed into a vehicle after school. If a vehicle does not have the 2017-2018 car tag the driver will be asked to park in the front lot and enter the school office to pick up a new car tag. Car tags can only be distributed to individuals that have been approved by the legal parent/guardian.

Cooler Weather Clothing

As stated in the Oasis Elementary Parent/Student Handbook student jackets and/or sweatshirts in white, navy blue, or black can be worn, if worn all day, plain in color; or if just for outdoor use, any coat is acceptable.

Oasis Elementary Parent/Student Handbook

Text Surgery

In The Classroom:

Text Feature Surgery with Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hanley

Text Feature Surgery provides a real world connection for students to identify and understand the purpose of text features in student friendly magazines.

To create a surgical atmosphere we provided each student with a pair of surgical gloves, a face mask, and a hat. We placed blue tablecloths over the student’s desks and had a heart rate monitor video playing on the Smart board. Each group was given a basket of surgical tools: scissors, glue, sharpie, pencil, and Band-Aid’s. The students were asked to save their patient by performing five text feature transplants.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


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