Optional Grind Assignments:

Option One - Literary Terms Treasure Hunt:

Students may earn XP points by participating in the great literary devices treasure hunt. For each literary device, provide a textual citation, as well as a definition of the device being referenced and an explanation of how the device enhances the meaningfulness or impactfulness of the passage in question . For each device found, the first find will be worth 2XP and each following reference to the device in question will be worth 1XP.

List of Literary Terms and Devices

Option Two - Art/Costume/Setting Design

Students may craft artwork, illustrations, props, or designs based on the setting, story, and characters of Charles Dickens's Hard Times. For each design or work of art, student(s) must provide a written component as well that explains the work's relevance to Dickens's novel. XP points will be discussed with Gamemaster.

Option Three - Historical Research

Students may do extra research on a wide variety of topics related to the historical context of Dickens's novel. Here are some suggested categories:

  • Victorianism
  • Women's Rights
  • Social Class
    • Weaver's experience
    • Bourgeoisie
  • Adam Smith
  • Thomas Malthus
  • Social Darwinism
  • Utilitarianism
    • Jeremy Bentham
    • John Stuart Mill
  • 19th Education
  • Other topics can be approved by the gamemaster

Demonstrations of learning can be expressed in multiple ways: 1 page reports, a short film, a multi-media based presentation, or any other form of demonstration that the gamemaster approves of. XP points will be agreed upon by student and gamemaster, depending on the load of work needed to complete the task.

Here's a link to some great sources.

Option Four - Bonus Character or Style Analysis Essays

Students may select a character or specific passage from the novel to write a short form character or style analysis paper. Each paper must have the following: (1) a stand-alone thesis statement and (2) three body paragraphs with topic sentences as well as an adequate amount of concrete details and commentary. Once the paper demonstrates mastery, students will be awarded 10 XP for each composition.

Option Five - Fact Checking Research

The game narrative makes many claims about historical figures, events, etc., - some being true while other claims are complete fabrications for purposes of telling a good story. Students may fact check claims and references in the game narrative to see what's true and what's complete fiction. If a student finds something false in the story and can provide a source or if a student can verify a claim made in the story by providing a source, he or she will earn 1 XP for each find.

Option Six - Designing Your Game Character's Avatar & Bio

You are a character in this game; more specifically, you are a French sociologist and researcher who is traveling to Coketown to solve a mystery while studying the social impacts of industrialism in the heart of England's industrial revolution. Design your character's appearance, personality, identity, and/or bio for extra XP points. You could provide a written report or dossier about yourself as well as illustrations, images, or other details. XP points will be determined by the game master.

Option Seven - Copy-editing Mr. Colley's Webpages

Students may earn 1XP for every typo, misspelling, or punctuation mistake that they can find in Mr. Colley's prose on the various webpages of the game.